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We specialize in Land Surveying Services for residential and commercial property in Evergreen Alabama.

Education & Experience


Our Licensed Land Surveyor, Tom Hines is a graduate of the Geomatics (Land Surveying) program at Troy University.

He has since worked with other land surveying and engineering consulting firms and a public utility developing his professional skills to add to his education.

Tom has the education and experience to apply to any type of survey that you need.

Residential & Commercial Services


The majority of our projects are for residential properties. We can take you from the first step (topography) through the building process. Come to us before you place a fence to be sure you are on your property. Curious where your property lines are for tree-cutting or landscaping, we can help.

Buying a commercial lot? Need an ALTA? We cover that too.

Quality of Service


Diamond H Land Surveying is a small company with under 5 employees. We are focused on strong ethics, superior customer service, efficient completion and delivery of projects, and up to date knowledge.

Land Surveyors are duty bound to Quality and Ethics. And we strive every day to live up to the highest standards in our profession.

Our Land Surveying Services

ALTA Survey | ALTA Land Title Survey

An ALTA Title Survey is generally similar to a boundary survey or lot survey on a piece of property. But, the ALTA survey goes a little farther in the requirements on the land surveyor as he/she carries out the survey, both in the field and in the office. The ALTA standard is a national one, whereas each state has their own individual surveying standards.

An ALTA Title Survey is completed based on the “Minimum Standard Detail Requirements and Accuracy Standards For ALTA/NSPS Land Title Surveys.” This standard document was developed and is revised on a regular basis by a combination of Title industry and Surveying industry professionals. The latest version of this document is the 2016 revision.

ALTA Surveys are typically done for any commercial, retail, or multi-family land development project. These are typically large capital investments and lenders require title policies, which means the title companies need to know all they can about the project. Property boundaries, potential encroachments, and unforseen easements will affect the title and can cost lots of money to clear up later. The Land Surveyor is trained to look for these issues on the ground and to read the legal descriptions to locate potential problems. We are the "land experts" for owners, lenders, and title agencies.

Fill out an ALTA Table A for additional items that you may need for your project or title policy.

Construction Survey | Constructing Staking

Before construction activities are started, thorough planning and design is carried out. Before and during construction a surveyor assists in this process. As expected the construction surveyor guides the placement of the constructed items by providing points to the contractor that can be used to place them in the proper location. Thus construction staking is an important piece to the construction project.

The purpose of a construction survey is to maintain and establish the necessary vertical and horizontal control points needed for the proper location of the construction items to be built. This survey may also provide measurements which are needed to determine quantities as documentation to corroborate the final payments made to the contractor.

A construction surveyor must be both qualified and experienced for the job. These essential elements should be present:

  1. A construction surveyor must have experience on similar construction projects.
  2. A construction surveyor must know how to deal with other professionals and resolve conflicts.
  3. A construction surveyor must pay keen attention to details.
  4. A construction surveyor must be able to multitask in a demanding environment.

The construction surveyor's job demands a lot of knowledge, time, skill, and energy. Not every land surveyor is qualified to undertake this work.

Elevation Certificate | Flood Elevation Survey

Letter of Map Amendment - LOMA - 2

Conecuh County completed the process of updating the FEMA Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRMs) in 2009, making it possible to determine the flood risk in specific areas in and around Evergreen. These maps show the areas of potential flooding based on the 1-percent chance storm event, known in the past as the 100 year flood and also known as the Special Flood Hazard Area (SFHA).

An Elevation Certificate is required for any flood insurance quote. Flood insurance is mandatory if your loan is federally insured - and most are these days.

Your potential situation according to the flood map is one of these options:

  1. Your lot and home are OUT of the flood hazard zone - No Insurance Required
  2. Your lot is shown IN the flood hazard zone - then either a) your Lowest Adjacent Grade (LAG) is below the Base Flood Elevation (BFE) - you'll need an elevation certificate and flood insurance, OR b) your LAG is above the BFE - you may be able to get your home removed from the flood zone and the need for flood insurance using a Letter of Map Amendment (LOMA.)

We also can help you with a LOMA if your home qualifies for this procedure. This process can save you lots of money over the years.


Lot Survey| Mortgage Survey | Closing Survey

A Lot Survey may also be known as a “Closing Survey” or “Mortgage Survey.” Typically, this type of survey is done at the request of banks, realtors, attorneys, and title companies prior to a home loan closing. It is usually understood to be a survey of a residential lot in a recorded subdivision.

A lot survey provides assurance to the lender and buyer that the property they are purchasing is what has been represented by the seller. This may be one of the most important types of surveys for a homeowner since your home is usually your largest lifetime investment.

While a physical home inspection focuses on the condition of the building, a mortgage survey investigates the property itself. This lot survey can reveal a lot of information on possible problems like encroachments of driveways, fences, or buildings. Unforseen easements may also affect your use of the property in the way you intend.

Property Survey | Boundary Survey

A property survey or boundary survey determines the location of property lines and the monuments that mark the property corners of a parcel of land as described in a deed. The land surveyor undertaking a boundary survey should examine the deed for the property as well as possibly your neighbor’s deed.

Monuments (iron pipes, rebar, concrete posts, fence corners, corner trees, etc.) are typically found at property corners. If they are specifically called for in the deed they are given the highest priority.

Property surveys help with:

  • Locating the exact boundary of what you're buying
  • Locating any easements for water, sewer, drainage, access, etc on your property
  • Identifying encroachments like driveways, fences, or buildings crossing your boundary lines
  • Determining the exact dimensions and area of the property you own or are buying
  • Marking your boundary lines for placing fences or for building limits
  • Preparation of dividing your property for sale or deeding to your kids

Topographic Survey | Topo Survey

Much like any other type of survey, a topographic survey, or topo survey for short, is done to locate natural and man-made features on a particular parcel of land. This is sometimes called planimetric features or things you can see if you were hovering over the site. The topo survey also adds the elevation of the surface of the land and represents it on the survey map usually with contour lines. The topo survey may also include any man-made underground features, like utility lines. The survey will show above ground improvements like buildings, utility poles, retaining walls, and maybe trees if that is requested.

A contour line is a line that connects points of equal elevation. There is usually a contour interval set, say 1-foot for a conventional survey. An aerial topo survey may have a contour interval of 2-foot to 5-foot typically. Again, these contours are a way to represent the relative elevations of the surface of the land.

Topographic surveys are usually carried out in order to have an accurate record of the existing conditions of a parcel of land that is about to undergo some type of construction activity.

Design Engineers use a topo survey as the beginning surface of their design and then plan what the final surface will be like. Having the original surface, the Engineer can calculate the amount of earthwork needed to bring the site to the final grade. The Engineer can also balance the earthwork so that dirt doesn't have to be taken off or brought into the site.

Perc Test for On-Site Septic Systems

Perc Tests & Soils Testing are conducted in order to determine if sewage from a septic system will soak (percolate) into the ground for an onsite septic system. While percolation testing and soil borings are not technically considered land surveying, land surveyors are one of three professionals that are qualified to perform these tests.

The first step in a perc test (also spelled perk test) is determining what depth to do the test. The 5-foot deep soil boring is done to determine this depth. The soil boring might indicate seasonal high water indicators or rock, which are both a limitation to field lines.

Once that is determined the perc test hole is dug out to that level and the hole is soaked for at least 4 hours. After that the surveyor measures how quickly or slowly the soil drains from the hole.

Tom Hines, PLS is also a licensed septic system installer so he can also install your septic system for you if you have that need.


Testimonials From Clients

I was truly impressed with the level of professionalism and quality of the land surveying services. Thank you!

Larry Johnson

Home Owner

The customer service was outstanding! I really appreciate what you have done and will strongly recommend you.

Mike Chad

Construction Specialist

“Thanks- this [elevation survey & certificate] helped [our client] a lot – quote went down to $460 – down from $2599.”, State Farm Insurance!

Staci Herring

State Farm Insurance Agent

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